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Silverfish Pest Control

Our Certified Silverfish Exterminator will identify the source of the Silverfish infestation and create a customized treatment plan to eliminate the Insects. We specialize in treating for Silverfish Infestations. Let Us be your Silverfish Pest Control Company that you can rely on, Give Us A Call Today 1-844-305-8999.

Silverfish Pest Control
Silverfish are found in areas with high humidity. They need a relative humidity of at least 75% to survive. The most common areas where we see silver fish in our homes or place of business is in the kitchen, pantry restrooms and closets. Silverfish feed primarily on things that contain starches. They are attracted to glue, for this reason they will damage book bindings, paper, sugar and textiles. Silverfish can destroy silks, cotton and other fabrics and may feast upon leather in the event of a famine.

Silverfish are about 1/2 inch bluish-silver wingless insects with hard exoskeleton. They look like fish and their movements are very similar. They have 2 long antennas on their head and 3 prominent “tails” on rear.

Females’ egg numbers vary. Depending on species, their quantity may range from 2 to 20 eggs per day. Silverfish can lay eggs at any season of the year and grow from larva to adult in 3-4 months.

Silverfish feed on mold, fungi and carbohydrates (such as sugars, starch or cellulose). This means that your food (especially dry foods), clothes, shampoos, soaps, books, wallpaper, therefore your plants and many other things are in danger.

Silverfish Exterminator

Silverfish Exterminator
Silverfish will invade your closets and food storage areas. Our Trained Silverfish Exterminator will identify and come up with a Silverfish Pest Control treatment plan. We utilize a HEPA vacuum to eliminate the potential food sources and the application of an appropriately labeled insecticide, our Silverfish Exterminator will effectively eliminate the Insects from your home or place of business.

At Dependable Exterminating we most commonly hear our clients say they first saw a silverfish in a sink or bathtub. This is because silverfish prefer those humid areas such as a bathroom. While most store bought treatments will kill these individual bugs, effective silverfish extermination by our Silverfish Exterminator will require getting to the source of the problem.

Some people may also see damaged clothing as a sign of infestation. This is because silverfish are attracted to damp clothing, such as the ones stored in damp places like garages, attics and sheds. Silverfish feed on silk and linen and it is possible to notice their feeding damage.


Our Dependable Exterminating Trained and NYS Certified Silverfish Pest Control Technicians will inspect your home, Our Silverfish Exterminator will identify the source of the Silverfish infestation & create a customized treatment plan to Eliminate Silverfish pests. We will utilize Pheromone Insects baits and insects traps designed for silverfish pest control to effectively eliminate silverfish from your home or place of business. Give Us A Call Today. 1-844-305-8999.

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