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Bee Hive Removal

We offer Same Day Bee Hive Removal Services. We specialize in Bee Removal and Bee Control. Dont Let Bees take over your property, Call Today. (844) 305-8999.

Bee swarms initially enter walls through some small crack or opening. A broken spot in the mortar, an opening around a light, faucet or electrical meter, or a gap between the brick and the siding on a house or building makes an excellent entrance site for a swarm of bees looking for a home. Once inside the wall, the bees quickly build a hive.

Types of Treatments - Stinging Insect Residual Insecticide Dust Treatment
The type of treatment can vary from quick acting knockdown pesticide spray to long lasting residual insecticide dust. The long-lasting insecticide dust is applied into the openings that the bees used to enter their hive. The insecticide dust penetrates deeper into the Bee Nest, than an ordinary pesticide spray would. Additionally, the dust is transported deeper into the hive by other bees entering. This will allow our Stinging Insect Exterminator to perform the Bee Removal in a safe manor.

Bee Hive Inside Of Wall

Bee Infestation
It's not a good idea to attempt to remove a bee infestation by yourself. Nests and colonies of stinging insects may contain thousands of individual members. If you, your kids or your pets get too close, it's possible that the insects may react defensively, leading to painful stings. Allergic individuals can have life-threatening reactions to these stings. Making it all the more important to call in our professional bee exterminators the moment you spot a gathering of bees too close to your home or business for comfort.

When Stinging Insects have invaded your home and you need a bee exterminator, contact us at Dependable Exterminating (844) 305-8999. We'll give you a free quote and have your bee problem cleared up in no time.

Bee Infestation

Carpenter Bees
Female carpenter bees bore holes into wood to build nests. Unlike termites, carpenter bees do not eat wood. The damage they cause comes from tunneling into wood to create nesting chambers. The bees bore entry holes about 1 inch deep into their targeted structure.

If you have an infestation of carpenter bees, you may notice these holes on wooden decks, wood underneath the home, and other wooden structures on your property. If you notice you have Carpenter Bees, Give Us A Call @ (844) 305-8999.

Our Bee Exterminator will treat the infested area with residual insecticide and Insecticide Dust to eliminate the Carpenter Bees from your property.

Carpenter Bee

We Offer A Home Protection Plan – Includes Bee Hive Removal, Wasps and Hornets

Our Annual Home Protection Plan features an initial inspection and treatment in the spring of each year to prevent pest problems before they get out of hand. With each service, a technician will thoroughly inspect and treat your home as well as provide you with a written report.

The Annual Home Protection Plan Features:
- An initial inspection and treatment in the spring of each year
- Bee Hive Removal, Hornet Nest Removal and Wasp Nest Removal
- Protection from most common pests including ants, crickets, earwigs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, sow bugs, bees and wasps
- Recommendations for preventing future problems
- Requests for service calls in between regular visits are covered under your Year-Round Protection Plan at no additional charge
- Written contract that outlines the services
- Convenient payment options

We also Offer A One Time Service Option - Bee Hive Removal

Our Stinging Insect Technician will do a Thorough Inspection of your Home and Property and remove any Hornet Nest you may have. If the Bee Hive is found inside your home we will perform a Treat and Seal (Remove the Bee Hive, Seal Openings).

- An initial inspection and treatment.
- Recommendations for preventing future Stinging Insect problems
- Written contract that outlines the services
- Convenient payment options

Bee Control

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